· Made in Japan safe

· The main material is Clarino F

· 2016 outlet item

· The base of the shoulder strap spreads widely to the left and right. It is easy to shoulder when carrying on the back, after the shoulder it stops at the right place and will fit.

· Since the base of the shoulder strap rises, it gives a special art type, so it fits perfectly on the shoulders and back of the child and reduces the burden.

· Handy handle with handy hand

- The chain that expands and contracts with coil type attached to the D can of the pocket is attached.

· It is convenient to insert accessories with a pocket that opens widely to the left and right with a round fastener.

· When the cover is closed, the lock is automatically rotated and locked. Because it covers metal fittings with resin, it is a safe material even if you touch the head by any chance.

· A4 flat file compatible

・ Reinforce the entrance part of big gauge from three directions to prevent the shape collapse.

· Both shoulder straps have hooks for security buzzer installation. It is attached to the chest so that it is easy to use when in emergency.

· Nascán has been given special curves, it is easy to put on and off the luggage.

- Reflective material to reflect the position on the light in a dark road is attached

· The cushion on the back is a cushion that considers ease of carrying and breathability.


· Rain cover for rain cell

· Fuwari's name tag

· Fuwari Mascot

· Fuwari flat file


1 Sepia × Pink

※ The color on the Internet and the actual color have some errors.

※ If the stock runs out, we may cancel your order.

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Fuwari school bag 4 for girls (My friend)

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